Spill Containment Systems

In the case of an emergency, contaminated water can very suddenly lead to a more significant problem than the original cause. If sprinkler water percolates away uncontrollably and flows into the earth, it will be a hazard to both people and the environment. Many - sometimes tragic - examples have determined this in the past.

ArmorThane's spill and containment barriers assure safety. The different models can be applied in front of and in the crack of doors and gates as well as in exterior of and inside concrete or steel bunds. One particular characteristic of ArmorThane products is the exclusive sealing technology which they introduced. It was modeled on a very flexible, highly chemical-resistant and flame-retardant type of foam. It pointed the way ahead for the entire market. They demand the utmost distinguished quality of the substances, manufacturing, and fitting – assisting both the safety of the people and the atmosphere.

ArmorThane industrial coatings are involved in the preservation and restoration of all varieties of containment systems. These formations may be sealed or open air with facades of metal, plastic, concrete or geotextile materials. Dirt is not enough. Some of these uses include:
All ArmorThane spill barriers and retention systems are nationally and internationally accredited.
ArmorThane has many pure and hybrid Polyurea and Polyurethane products for building containment berms or spraying secondary containment pits. These products dry to create a leak-proof membrane that will contain any form of liquid spill. It has the flexibility to prevent fracturing with severe weather and ground shifting.

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